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Reduced Hazardous Conditions for Manual Labour with Robotic Loading and Unloading System

The use of robotics is becoming increasingly common in the workplace. And there is no doubt that robotics provides a number of opportunities to improve workplace safety and health. This is primarily because robots can take the place of employees in potentially hazardous environments.

Using Robots in Loading and Unloading of LPG Cylinders helps in preventing accidents which can cause severe threat to life of the labour/operators.

Robots can move and place multiple LPG cylinders (heavy objects) precisely and provides consistency in work. It also eliminates human risk and back injuries of labour/operator.
Yet another advantage of Robotic Loading and Unloading System is that it can work for extended periods of time without needing a break. Unlike their human counterparts, a robot’s performance does not decline the longer they remain at work.

Processes can be made faster, more reliable, and safer using robots. As the Robotic System can be integrated with additional sensors and continuous in-line monitoring and feedback mechanisms monitoring multiple parameters, which can terminate a process at the instant a threat is detected or the very moment the process parameters cross a certain value, such a capability is very limited with human labour/operator.

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